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Experienced Louisiana Business Lawyer Advises Large and Small Businesses

Cecily Salley draws on more than three decades of legal experience to represent a wide range of businesses in Louisiana. Whether your company is in the startup phase, looking to acquire or merge with another business or you need advice to deal with disputes, she is able to provide the assistance your enterprise needs to operate efficiently and successfully.


Salley Law Firm encourages Louisiana businesses to call for assistance with any matters that arise in the course of their operations.


Contracts affect every aspect of a business, so it is important to ensure that all these agreements are drafted effectively, that the terms are fully understood by the parties involved, and that breach of contract conflicts are resolved efficiently. Salley Law Firm can assist with all contract matters, from formation to interpretation to dissolution.

If you choose to operate a limited liability company, for instance, its formation will require the filing of articles of organization and related documents with the Secretary of State and perhaps with one or more parish clerks, depending on the registered office of the LLC and the assets that it owns. Besides these filings, however, an operating agreement should also be executed to set forth details of how the LLC will be operated, such as when meetings will be held, who the members can be, and how banking will be conducted. Salley Law Firm can prepare all of these to start up your LLC.

Salley Law Firm can also draft and negotiate agreements necessary to operate your LLC such as office leases and equipment sales contracts and documents to end your LLC’s existence such as termination agreements among members, documents distributing LLC assets and certificates required by the Secretary of State to liquidate the LLC.

Other agreements that Salley Law Firm can draft for your business include:

  • Consulting agreements
  • Non-competition agreements
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Employment agreements


Before undertaking transactions such as mergers, real estate purchases and other major deals, the parties involved have an opportunity to undertake due diligence proceedings to investigate the advisability of completing the transaction and to determine whether it will be necessary to renegotiate terms before finalizing. Cecily Salley can help you evaluate all facets of a transaction to determine if there are problems with a proposed transaction, such as liens on the assets, title issues, trademark matters and the like, and if so, whether they can be cured so that the transaction can proceed to closing.

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Cecily Salley has assisted clients in protecting their business interests by structuring sound transactions, providing informed advice and offering efficient solutions to conflicts for more than three decades. To learn how Salley Law Firm can serve your needs, call its Covington office at 985-867-3363 or contact Cecily Salley online to schedule a consultation.